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York student houses

A Guide To Finding The Best York Student Houses

Finding the best York student houses is extremely important when it comes to a successful and enjoyable university experience. Your living environment can significantly impact your academic performance, well-being, and overall happiness levels!

Since 2000, here at Modern Student Accommodation York we have rented out York student houses to students at the University of York, St. John University, and the York Hospital School of Medicine. Finding the right York student house for you is always important, as your home needs to be a comfortable and conducive space for studying, socialising, and personal growth!

This guide will go over important things to think about- like location, budget, amenities, safety, and getting along with your housemates. It will also provide tips on researching, shortlisting, and inspecting potential student houses.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right York Student Houses?

There are a number of things to think about when searching for the perfect York student house. Here are five key factors to keep in mind before you make a choice.

  • Location and proximity to the university: You should opt for a student house that is conveniently located near your campus, minimising travel time and expenses.
  • Budget considerations and affordability: Determine your budget and search for student houses that align with your financial capabilities to avoid financial strain.
  • Amenities and facilities offered by the student houses: Make sure you assess the amenities provided, such as Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, communal spaces, and study areas.
  • Safety and security measures in place: Always prioritise York student houses with adequate security measures, such as well maintained locks and a person to call if you are ever locked out.
  • Housemates and compatibility: Consider the dynamics of potential housemates, you do not always need to be best friends but it is great to find housemates who you can get along well with!

How To Inspect Potential York Student Houses To Find The Right One?

When touring and taking a look around prospective York student houses, follow these steps to make an informed decision.

  1. Prepare important questions: Bring a list of questions with you to the viewing, including questions about who is responsible for what in terms of maintenance, and if there are any special rules for the property.
  2. Assess proper conditions of the property: Thoroughly examine the property. Pay attention to the condition of the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms- not all properties will be perfect, but it is better to discuss anything you are worried about before signing a tenancy agreement.
  3. Check for issues: Make sure everything is functioning as it should be by testing the taps, the lights, and if necessary- radiators. Again, it is always best to be happy with these things before you enter a tenancy agreement.

Understanding Rental Agreements & Terms Before Closing The Deal

The key to a stress-free and trouble-free tenancy is a thorough understanding of the rental agreement. Who wants a York student house with terms and conditions that can make your stay a headache? That will just be an unnecessary distraction while you try to focus on your studies.

You should carefully read the document and make sure you understand all of its provisions so that you can effectively understand your rights and avoid breaching your obligations as a student tenant. This knowledge will help maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship. Pay particular attention to the deposit and refund policies, understanding the amount required, the conditions for its return, and any deductions that may be made. Here at Modern Student Accommodation York, we always want the students staying in our properties to be happy. We strive to provide complete satisfaction and ensure our tenancy agreements are as clear as possible. If there ever are any questions, we are always happy to answer them!

We Can Help You Find The Best York Student Houses!

Since 2000, our family-run business, Modern Student Accommodation York, has offered the finest selection of student lodgings available anywhere. To help you choose the right student house in York, we offer video tours and in-person showings of all of our available properties.

Every year, we make improvements to all of our four, five, and six-bedroom properties to keep them looking fresh and up-to-date. Find out more about our York student houses by calling us at any time on either of the following numbers: 07814541747 or 07776247234. Alternatively, you can get in touch by dropping us at