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Why Has Finding Student Flats In York Become So Difficult In 2023?

In major UK cities, it’s getting harder and harder to find affordable housing for students. Why is this happening though? The easiest way to break things down is low supply and high demand. More and more students are deciding to go to University and this leads to an increased battle for student accommodation. If you are struggling to find somewhere to stay and you’re looking for student flats in York, you’ve come to the right place!

Modern Student Accommodation has accommodated students in York since 2000 with the best amenities and low rent packages.

Let’s find out why student flats in York and other big cities in the UK have become scarce.

Possible Reasons Behind The Shortage Of Student Flats In York

  • As more people reach the age of 18, more and more first-year students sign up to different university programmes. As a result, the demand for accommodation among students has increased. The current supply and demand imbalance in the housing market is becoming difficult to navigate for many prospective uni students.
  • The pandemic period has messed up universities a lot. Since teachers were responsible for determining students’ final A-Level grades, grade inflation occurred, and many pupils were accepted to elite universities despite lower grades. Due to concerns about the pandemic affecting the university experience, socialising, and online learning, many students voluntarily deferred to their university places. So, when they came back for offline classes, they had to face a severe shortage of housing properties.
  • During the pandemic, due to online classes being more affordable for most of the universities, they have accepted more students than they do for offline courses. Now, students enrolled in longer-duration courses like engineering, law and medicine are suffering from housing insecurity.

How are landlords reacting?

The current housing problem has caused some landlords with an abundance of decent student flats in York to charge out-of-market rental packages. As students’ budgets may be smaller and rent prices may be higher, there may be few cheap possibilities even if properties are available. That is where we pride ourselves on being different! We know how tough it is to find somewhere affordable to live that is also nice. Year on year, we aim to provide the highest quality student accommodation at the best possible prices- giving students a lovely place to live that they also do not need to pay over the top rates for. This can not be said for all Landlords though, sadly.

The lesson here, unfortunately for students, is to start your housing search before uni starts. Find out how aggressive the housing market is in your city and plan accordingly.

How Can We Help You Find Affordable Student Flats In York?

Here at Modern Student Accommodation, we offer high-quality student flats in York that are in close proximity to York St. John University, as well as the University of York, York College, and the medical school at York Hospital.

York St. John’s University, the city’s lively heart with its many bars and restaurants, the world-famous York Minster, and the Shambles are all within easy walking distance from the majority of our homes.

All of the utilities in our student flats in York, including electricity, water, internet, and more, are included in our affordable monthly rent. Our portfolio includes four, five, and six bedroom properties, all of which are updated on a yearly basis to guarantee that our homes remain smart, modern, and up-to-date.

We aim to provide first-rate housing to undergraduate and postgraduate students in York, at an affordable price. Find out more about our student flats in York by calling us on any one of the numbers 07814541747 or 07776247234 or dropping us an email here.