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Student Accommodation York: Life Hacks You Should Know!

Finding your student housing before your big move is very important. It makes you feel calm, knowing you have a good place to live. So, don’t forget to choose the right accommodation that fits your needs and likes.

Even if you are very independent, you may find it hard to live away from home sometimes. That makes us wonder—what smart ideas can we give to the York newbies about living in multi-room student accommodation in York?

To help you find a good place to live and start your academic journey well, Modern Student Accommodation York gives you the best student accommodation in York, very close to York St John University, the University of York and York College.

In this blog, we will talk about some useful life hacks that may help you when you live far from home. So, let’s see all the hacks!

7 Amazing Life Hacks For Students In York

1. Wire management should be top-notch

Free wifi is something every student needs nowadays, but there are still some student flats that provide wired internet services. It seems like these chargers, HDMI leads, and Ethernet cables always manage to create a mess behind your desk.

Bulldog clips on the edge of your desk can help you keep them organised and neat. Simply clip them to the desk and connect the cables through the holes. In this manner, you can locate the necessary cable with ease and stay clear of tangles.

Modern Student Accommodation York do not provide student flats, we provide student houses that have wireless internet and no separate billing system for the convenience of all students’ tight budgets!

2. Avoid the Freshers Flu!

Freshers Flu is real! It happens because of socialising – you meet a lot of new people from different places and there are a lot of germs ready to spread.

This, along with the fact that you’re probably going to be pushing yourself too hard during Freshers Week with late nights, more alcohol and junk food, means that your system will probably be weak and easy to get a cold.

Be ready! Get some antibacterial hand gel, along with lots of fruit and veggies to make your immune system stronger!

3. Always Start Early

Begin making friends right away because skipping one social event during Freshers can make things tougher. Don’t wait for people to approach you and chat, you have to do the work if you want something to stick. And also, don’t push it. If it doesn’t work, move on.

Don’t be shy to talk to random freshers during nights out, talk to other people and be a bit daring in lectures; sit next to the pretty girl, the handsome guy, the girl with the colourful hair or the guy with the cool shoes! Enjoy meeting new people!

4. Some Wardrobe Tips

One of the challenges of living in student accommodation York is dealing with wrinkled clothes. Ironing can be time-consuming and boring, especially when you have other things to do. But there is a simple hack that can save you time and hassle: hang your clothes in the bathroom when you have a shower. The steam from the shower will smooth out the creases and make your clothes look fresh and neat.

Another challenge is finding enough space for your clothes. Student flats are usually small and have limited storage, our student houses are usually much bigger and more roomy. You can also double your wardrobe space with a clever trick: use ring pulls. You can find ring pulls on soda cans or beer cans. Just slide them over the hooks of your hangers and then hang another hanger from the ring pull. This way, you can hang two clothes in one space and make more room for your wardrobe.

5. Food Delivery Hack

Moving far away can be exciting but also exhausting. You may not have time or energy to cook or go out for food on the first day. That’s why it’s a good idea to arrange a food delivery for the evening of your arrival. You can order online from your favourite restaurant or try something new from the local options. This way, you can relax and enjoy a delicious meal without any hassle. It’s a simple hack that can make your life easier.

6. Go Grocery Shopping In The Evening

The supermarkets are usually less crowded at this time, and you’ll have the best chance to grab all of the discounted fresh produce the store has to get rid of before the day ends. You can find some great deals on everything from meat, fruit and veggies and dairy products – there are often big cuts to be seen. If you can, put your yellow-stickered loot in your freezer so you can make it last for much longer!

7. Move In With Groups

Nothing can be more burdensome than having to do all the chores yourself after a tiring day at the uni and handle the expenses too!

That’s why it is recommended that you find a local group of students before booking a multi-room student accommodation in York and split the shopping together. This way, the burden gets equally distributed and you can easily focus on your studies and the fun activities you can do together after classes!

Modern Student Accommodation Can Help You!

These tips will hopefully change your time as a student, especially if this is your first year!

Now, if you’re wondering how to move in with a group, we can help you. With us, you will get student accommodation in York with 4, 5 or even 6 bedrooms. From free WiFi to TV and inclusive electricity, water and gas bills within the monthly rent itself—all to make the lives of students like you easy peasy! Contact us today and book now!

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