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Things To Remember When Moving In & Out Of Students Flats York

When you study in the UK as an international student, it can be a bit hard to know which laws and rules you have to follow. If you’re planning to stay in student flats York, or a student house in York, you need to find out some important stuff before you come to the UK.

Most universities will promise you a place in their student houses if it is your first time studying abroad. However, there will always be some financial constraints on your side to afford the expensive university accommodation. That’s why we provide our private rental properties in York as the best and most affordable alternatives to student digs.

You might get more student money or pay less tax, depending on where your money comes from. You should ask HMRC (the government body that collects taxes) and your student union rep for more details about any papers you have to fill in while you are in the UK.

Today, let’s talk about what you should do when moving in and out of student flats in York or student housing.

Things To Remember When Moving In Students Flats York Or Student Housing

At the beginning of every rental move-in, an inventory check-in will be done by a professional company or person we choose. If there is no inventory check-in, you can ask us to do one yourself.

This report has two parts, the ‘inventory’ part shows all the items and what’s in the property, and the ‘check-in’ part shows how all those items look at the start of the rental and take note of how many keys you get. It’s also good to have a copy of the rental agreement to look at later.

You don’t have to, but it can be good to set up a standing order for your rent payments instead of sending the money yourself. This way, you won’t forget any payments.

Things To Do When Moving Out Of Student Flats York Or Student Housing

The document that states the terms of your student flats York (or student housing) rental agreement will give you all the information about when your contract expires and any other obligations you may have. We strongly suggest that you tidy up before leaving. If you anticipate a lot of rubbish to get rid of on the day you move, try to spread out the amount that you leave for pickup over several weeks OR take a trip to the local tip.

Many councils now restrict the amount of rubbish that can be collected per home and if there is a heap of unclaimed rubbish at your place during the final property check, the owner (like us) has the right to bill you for its disposal. This usually becomes quite expensive.

As you get ready to move, collect as many boxes as you can and anything else that might help you move your stuff. You can usually get free cardboard boxes that people don’t want from supermarkets and other shops. Try to finish your food that’s left over (maybe a lot of baked beans!) before you move to save money and space.

Before you leave your student flats in York or your student housing, do make sure that you have:

  • a copy of your rental agreement
  • details of any outstanding balance to pay
  • if you gave a deposit, you’ll need to get information about that too

On your last day, do the following:

  • change your address for important papers and accounts that send you post
  • take pictures of your room and the shared parts of the house (this is to help you get your deposit back)

Tips To Make Sure Your Entire Security Deposit Is Repaid

When your tenancy is over, and our checks have been completed, we will return your deposit. Here are a few things you need to make sure you have done before you ask for the security deposit:

  • Remove any rubbish from the property (including the gardens)
  • Ventilate the property as much as possible
  • Clean the walls and skirting boards to eliminate any marks and grime
  • Mend or replace anything that is broken
  • Vacuum the carpets and mop the floors
  • Give the bathrooms, kitchen and all other common areas a deep clean
  • Empty and clean the fridge and freezer (and defrost them if needed)
  • Take some pictures of the house after you’ve tidied up and moved your belongings in case there are any issues with the state you left the house in

If you think there’s a conflict with the returned amount, you can contact the relevant tenancy deposit protection scheme about any dispute.

Modern Student Accommodation Is The Way To Go!

Now that you know what things you need to keep in mind while moving in or out of any rental property as an international student, take a look at the options we have for you.

We are a family-run business that rents student flats in York in the form of shared housing, for really affordable and hassle-free rental packages. We have properties of 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and 6 bedrooms for a group of students staying together or for those looking to stay alone.

You can literally stroll your way to York St John University or the University of York from our student flats. They are cosy, practical, and good for your studies. The common areas are updated regularly, and some houses get new kitchens and bathrooms. So, contact us today to book your stay!

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