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York Student Accommodation & Dealing With Exam Fever (6 Tips)

Just like many other students, do you think it is quite unfair to have exams scheduled for just after the winter break? Christmas and all the holiday celebrations don’t really stop the “exam fever” season from knocking at the door.

Finding the perfect York student accommodation is just the beginning of your university journey. As exams approach, stress levels tend to rise. However, fear not! Modern Student Accommodation York are here to help you get through exam period with some handy tips.

In this blog, we’ll share six invaluable tips on how to manage “exam fever” with vibrant room decor and a peaceful stay. From creating a serene study space to mastering time management, our York student accommodation has got you covered.

Expert Tips To Deal With The Exam Fever

Exam fever is an overwhelming, unexplainable anxiety about a scenario (examinations) that makes one avoid it. Students’ anxiety levels rise as a result of this excessive and unreasonable fear of tests and can get worse in the absence of any suitable support or supervision.

Exam anxiety is a common problem among students throughout their academic careers, whether they are in high school or college. As a result, they frequently face unwarranted irritation, restless nights, and anxious days. Exam anxiety may be conquered, though. We’ve gathered some advice for overcoming test anxiety and worry.

1. Early revision –

You might finish your test preparation earlier by revising as much as possible, and starting as soon as possible. You should leave plenty of time to review each of the syllabus’s topics. You should be able to cover all the material and therefore b well-prepared for your examinations if you do it this way and start early! It has been demonstrated that taking frequent breaks to relax your brain is also beneficial. Make sure you’re in a peaceful area, possibly away from your friends, and take short breaks every hour.

2. Make a proper schedule

Many students often measure themselves against other students or what society expects, and this can make them feel not good enough and more stressed about exams. Everyone has their own way of studying. Creating a timetable that fits your preferences and needs is useful. Having a good schedule can be a big help for exams because it tells you what to do and helps you finish your course material on time and well.

3. Give proper time to each module –

A very valuable piece of advice for all students living in York student accommodation (or anywhere for that matter) is to focus on every subject and give yourself sufficient time. Most students kill time on the topics that are hardest for them. Rather than that, you should focus on all topics, no matter if you find them trickier than others or not.

4. Make short and precise notes –

Writing down significant facts, equations, dates, people, situations, or other information while you study or review a certain chapter is one of the most well-liked anxiety-relieving strategies. Before an examination, short notes are very effective for quick revision, and they reduce your effort to revise important points from your books.

5. Eat healthy, good food –

Students sometimes disregard their physical health by eating improperly during examinations. Some students turn to packaged, processed foods and drinks as a coping mechanism for test anxiety. This can result in getting under the weather due to not consuming sufficient vitamins. So, you should always eat light and healthy, but never skip meals, so that you don’t get sick and do well in your exams.

6. Get some sleep –

Getting enough sleep is important, especially when you’re worried about exams. When you’re scared or anxious about a test, it can be hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. But giving rest to your body can be extremely beneficial.

When you sleep, your brain gets a chance to organise and remember the things you’ve learned. It’s like your brain’s way of sorting out information. So, if you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming test, try to relax and get a good night’s sleep. It can make a big difference in how well you do on your exam.

 Good York Student Accommodation Relieves Stress

 Accommodation with good home décor can have a really good impact on your mental health. It makes you focus on your goals. You’ll have a peaceful and happy environment to come back to after a long day, which can really reduce your stress levels. So, finding a good York Student Accommodation is important for your well-being and can help you achieve better results!

Room decor may include good lighting, personal space, and a nice bedroom, which can make individuals focus on studying. Homes, businesses, and public areas all greatly benefit from interior design’s ability to reduce stress levels.

Use your favourite items, such as photos, artwork, and décor (be sure to take landlord permission before hanging anything), to create a one-of-a-kind and cosy ambiance. Make your room more comfortable and inviting by adding some fairy lights, a rug, or soft cushions. The same is true of university life—studying is not everything. Finding a balance between your social and academic lives is crucial.

Focusing on well-being and stress reduction may have a big influence on output, engagement, and retention. There are several good reasons why the effort is worthwhile.

 Experience The Difference With Amazing Room Decor!

 At Modern Student Accommodation York, we understand the need for a good and peaceful room with basic amenities and safety measures to give the feeling of security needed by any student to cope with the “exam fever” season. That’s why we have a range of amazing properties for students like you!

For your peace of mind, we like to offer only the best in York student accommodation, all within walking distance of York St John University, the University of York, and York College.

 Our York student accommodation options include four-bedroom houses, five-bedroom houses, and six-bedroom houses that are regularly refreshed, with most of our homes receiving new bathroom and kitchen upgrades every couple of years.

So, don’t think much—contact us today. We are also more than happy to give you a virtual tour of our properties!