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Student Housing in York

Unlocking the Best Student Housing in York: Your Comprehensive Guide

When starting off the exciting journey of university life in York, selecting the ideal student accommodation is vital. Your living space plays a crucial role in shaping your overall university experience, influencing everything from convenience to comfort. Understanding the pivotal role of student accommodation, we have created an extensive guide to some of the best options for student housing in York to help you make an informed choice. So let’s get started!

Options For Student Housing In York:

1. 140 Huntington Road, YO31 8RT

Situated in the heart of this vibrant city, this 6-bedroom house offers you a perfect blend of comfort and connectivity. Boasting modern decor and fast broadband ensures you stay connected to your studies and the digital world. The inclusion of a private garden with bike storage adds an outdoor retreat, making it a great choice.

2. 138 Huntington Road, YO31 8RT

Adjacent to a bustling bus stop and numerous takeaways, this is one of York’s most convenient options for student housing. With six double bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a courtyard, it caters to your every need. Its strategic location makes it a convenient option, whether studying at the University of York or being a student at York St. John University.

3. 23 Walney Road, YO31 1AH

Designed with the student lifestyle in mind, this property near The Grange promises convenience and comfort. With a newly fitted kitchen, off-street parking, and bike storage, it addresses the practical aspects of student living. Its proximity to shops and pubs makes it a vibrant choice if you attend York St. John University or are a student at the University of York.

4. 2 Diamond Street, YO31 8LH

This 5-bedroom house in the heart of the Groves is just a two-minute walk from York St. John University. The modern kitchen and comfortable lounge with a flatscreen TV make it a stylish and practical choice. Its convenient location and clean, modern decor make it a perfect option for student housing in York.

5. 10 Vyner Street, YO31 8HS

This spacious Victorian terraced house is your opportunity to witness the city’s rich heritage. With five bedrooms, a newly fitted kitchen, and an enclosed private garden, it offers Victorian charm with a modern twist. Its convenient location is best suited if you are a medical student attending York Hospital or a University of York student. The nearby cycle track leading to Hull Road adds to its appeal, making it a fantastic choice.

6. 100 Huntington Road, YO31 8RP

Situated near The Grange, this spacious end-terrace townhouse comfortably accommodates five students. It has an enclosed rear garden and free on-street parking for added convenience. Its clean, modern decor and furnishings make it an ideal option for student housing in York, especially if you want a townhouse that seamlessly combines style and functionality.

7. 42 Oakland Avenue, YO31 1BY

If you are seeking an elevated living experience, this extended semi-detached house is a luxurious option. With spacious living accommodations over three floors, stylish decor, and off-street parking, it is the perfect place to stay if you’re a student of the University of York or attending York St. John University. Its large dining kitchen becomes the heart of communal student life, offering you a place to eat and socialise.

8. 9 Heworth Green, YO31 7SX

Strategically located just a 5-minute walk from York City Centre and York St. John University, this semi-detached house offers five large double bedrooms. Off-street parking, proximity to Sainsbury’s, and modern amenities make it a centrally convenient choice for student housing in York, especially if you’re looking forward to enjoying the vibrant city life.

9. 14 Whitecross Road, YO31 8JR

Tucked just off Haxby Road, this terraced house offers a fantastic location if you are a student attending York St. John University or a medical student at York Hospital. Stylish interiors, clean modern decor, and furnishing throughout make it a perfect choice if you’re seeking an ideal blend of comfort and accessibility.

10. 5 Heworth Green, YO31 7SX

Striking the balance between accessibility and comfort, this semi-detached house is another suitable choice if you are a York St. John University student. Its proximity to York City Centre and York Hospital makes it a versatile option for student housing in York. The enclosed garden and bike storage contribute to a living space that’s both functional and homely.

11. 13 Neville Terrace, YO31 8NF

Nestled in the centre of the Groves, this stylish terraced house is a 5-minute walk from the York St. John campus. Popular among students, it offers clean, modern decor and furnishings throughout. Its convenient location makes it a preferred choice if you value proximity to academic spaces.


The choices for student housing in York are as diverse as the student community itself. Whether you prioritise proximity to campus, modern amenities, or a blend of both, there’s an option for every preference in York. Explore these residences, consider your personal choice, and make an informed decision that will set the stage for an unforgettable university experience in this historic and dynamic city.

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